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Jobswype operates job search engines in 10 countries and 7 different languages. Your advantage: By booking an EU PROMO product, we will translate the jobtitles of your job advertisement and publish them on the country specific job portals of Jobswype. This will bring you even more reach in middle and east Europe.

Detailed information

That’s how successful multi-channel job posting works (creating/translating).

The art of advertisement creation is to speak to the right target group. An accurate choice of words in texting your advertisement as well as a clear jobtitle are crucial in order for your job advertisement to not only being found but also being perceived positively.

We happily take over for you the accurate, correct and reasonable (semantic/synonym) key wording of your English job advertisement.

We take care of the ideal retrievability of your job advertisements

Out of our many years of experience, we know which keywords job seekers are searching for to look for jobs. We therefore add to your job advertisements these search criteria. Thus, your job offers will be found more quickly and accurately.

Being found abroad? Of course!


In the product EU PROMO, all the keywords for your job advertisements will additionally be translated in the language of your chosen country as well as published in that chosen country.

Your job advertisement will also be found on foreign-language job portals, despite the original advertisement text existing only in the source language (English).

We’ll happily take over the full translation of your job advertisement for you. The translation will be performed by a professional translation agency.

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