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What we offer

What we offer

Publish your offers with Jobswype.

EU PROMO allows a Europe-wide placement of your job offers. The automatically detected search items corresponding to your job offer are being translated, again automatically. Thus, your job advertisement will be found both in your country and abroad. A TOP placement in the search results is assured to you.

PROMO JOB offers a priority placement in the TOP search results. By an automatical keywording with related terms, your range will be even more increased.

The product BASIC is free of charge. You can get a first impression about how easily job advertisements can be created on Jobswype and further our products EU PROMO and PROMO JOB will deliver you a greater range as well as more traffic.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

The advertising of your job is free of charge in the BASIC version.

We offer the product PROMO JOB starting at a price of 95€

and the product EU PROMO starting at a price of 170 €.

What else do I need?

How can I get started?

Thanks to the Job Configurator, you can get started right away.

In just 3 steps you are ready and your job offers online within a few minutes.

Click on "Post Jobs" and get started!

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Manage your job ads in your personal dashboard. Whether you want to edit, delete, or upgrade your jobs. With us you can do this very simply and uncomplicatedly.



For our premium customers, we offer statistical evaluations, which we send to you by email. Decide for yourself whether and how much you want to invest in your realm increase.


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