For further assistence we have collected these frequently asked questions.

Why does the shopping cart indicate 0€?

Job advertisements are free of charge in the basic version and only an optional PromoJob package or EU PROMO is related to costs. Concerning an offer, please contact us at

Why do I have to indicate an URL when uploading the logo?

Your logo is inserted free of charge. This requires a nominal mention (Jobswype or Jobkralle) or a link (<a href=""... or <a href="") on your site. This equals a partner link. Should this be no option for you, there is the possibility to book a TopJob package additionally which includes a prior sequencing as well as a longer run time.

My URL requires an authentication. What should I do?

Should the URL require a uername and password, you can provide to us these access data in the URL. For example:

Can I create more than one job at one?

Yes. Our system provides for this option. By uploading a job you can add any number of jobs you want. The administration of the jobs is taking place separately in the Dashboard in order for you to being able to influence every single job.