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PROMO JOB guarantees you a higher reach.

By the prominent placement in the search results, your job advertisements are better visible and hence immediately noticed by potential applicants.

Furthermore, a branding of your mark is taking place. Your logo will placed prominently and will be consequently in the focus of the Jobswype users.

Detailed information

The art of advertisement creation is to reach the right target group. By texting your advertisement, please pay attention to the right choice of words. We’ll happily take that over for you by suggesting to you the right keywords. We have the knowledge about which keywords job seekers are searching for and consequently add these to your job offers.

How does it work? By creating an advertisement you have to pick a jobtitle. Try to choose a jobtitle from the proposal list. We will then automatically add the relevant keywords to your chosen jobtitle. These keywords will not be shown in the job advertisement but will be saved separately. You decide if the proposed keywords fit, non-fitting keywords can be deleted, missing ones added.

Your job advertisement will then appear more frequently in the search results, when the jobtitle corresponds to the search entry or when a keyword matches the search criteria.

Therefore, your job offers will reach a higher visibility.

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